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Rose Adams, Massage Therapist and Educator, Qigong instructor with the Institute of Integral Tai Chi and Qigong.

For more information (928) 699-9308

Gathering medicine,

  means focusing consciousness within,

Quiet the mind,

  calm the emotions, 

  cycle from movement to stillness,

  to complete the elixir.

      --LI DAO QUN, The Book of Balance and 

         Harmony, 13th Century


Experience 5000 yr old energy cultivation for strengthening flow of life force and health improvement
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    Qigong for Seasonal Wellness

       Class starting December , 2023

                Thursdays, 11-12noon

           Location: Aikido of Flagstaff

                    120 S Beaver St

               First class is free

             Drop in cost $15 class

                 4-class pass: $50

                 8-class pass: $90


The Healer Within Medical Qigong program consists of the 4 essential Qi cultivation methods:
  * Postural alignment and gentle movement
  * Breath practice
  * Self-applied massage
  * Relaxation, visualization, and meditation practices
Known in China as a form of Qigong called Bu Zheng Qigong (Enhance Function Qigong)
No previous experience with Qigong is necessary. Modified for the beginner to experienced cultivator of Qi.
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